Digital twin

STF Swiss provides a three-dimensional mapping of buildings and environments, created thanks to laser scan capture and 360° photography, as well as the processing and visualization of digital content. The digital twin accelerates and optimizes processes along the entire value chain – while involving all stakeholders.


Capture of the digital twin

Depending on the areas for which a digital twin is required, we use our own staff and equipment to create it: Spaces within a building are captured using laser scanning and 360° photography, the outside areas and the environment of the asset are recorded three-dimensionally using drones and photogrammetry.


Processing of the digital twin

The positions and outlines of the existing building elements are determined from the three-dimensionally recorded data and basic geometric bodies are extracted (Scan2BIM). These are subsequently geo-referenced and hence form the basis for spatial evaluations and geographic analyses (BIM2GIS). Using these methods, we ensure comprehensive high quality of the digital twin.


Visualization of the digital twin

Depending on the application, we provide our customers with individual cloud-based solutions for the visualization of their projects.

You can view your project as a 3D view or virtual tour on modern and user-friendly web interfaces; point cloud and photographic representations are linked via the geo-coordinates of each pixel.

A further option is to represent the data in a geographical context on a 3D GIS platform, so that the 3D building is delivered with the environment that is likewise 3D, allowing 3D building models to be blended with infrastructure data such as roads, railway lines, lines (electricity, fibre optics, water, gas) etc. or measurement data (mobile radio/Wi-Fi coverage).


Specific information on data protection when using laser scanning and 360-degree photography.

Data protection

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