In-house coverage planning

STF Swiss is your dependable partner in the planning and installation of in-house mobile communications systems. Our offer is aimed not only at network operators, but also at building owners and specialist planners. We use the mobile radio measurements carried out at your asset to plan customized in-house coverage.


Optimal mobile radio coverage to increase the added value of your building

Whether private or business – in order to guarantee telephony and data services anywhere and at any time, seamless in-house coverage must be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, the in-house coverage provided by existing mobile networks is inadequate for today’s building structures. Dropped calls as well as slow mobile Internet connections and thus dissatisfied mobile users are often the result of such insufficient in-house coverage.

In these cases, planning and setting up a building’s own in-house coverage in cooperation with one or more mobile network operators guarantees optimal reception quality. Yet, this should already be taken into consideration when planning or redesigning a building.

Together with your network operator, we will find the right solution for your needs. As an independent engineering company, we are at your side from planning through implementation to maintenance of your mobile communications solution.

Advice on mobile radio and communications technologies

Functionality and properties

Use inside buildings

Technology selection


Creation of an asset-specific requirements specification

Qualified mobile radio measurement for analysis of the current state

Definition of coverage areas

Capacity requirements


Coverage planning for assets (indoor)

Tool-supported radio planning in accordance with network operator standards and statutory requirements

Calculation of the required radio coverage inside the building

Coordination with owners, mobile network operators, users, and authorities



Creation of planning documents

Draft and detailed design

Quantity determination and cost calculation




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