Mobile radio measurement

STF Swiss provides measurements and analyses of your current mobile radio coverage, carried out using cutting-edge technology. The results are evaluated and graphically represented.



Constant expansion and modification are features of the Swiss mobile network. Since reliable mobile reception is indispensable, we offer you mobile radio measurements in your building, construction project or company premises.

This allows us to rapidly identify problems and develop reliable solutions. STF Swiss is always up to date with the latest technological developments, such as the new 5G mobile technology, which will ensure greater dynamics and optimize the Swiss mobile communications experience.

When it comes to mobile radio measurements, the procedure differs depending on whether these are to be performed inside or outside the building.

Inside the building

The stocktaking of the actual radio service is carried out inside of buildings by means of so-called “walk tests”. Our experts check the current mobile radio coverage with the help of portable measuring equipment the size of a backpack.

We cover all common mobile communications technologies, using various measurement methods, such as coverage or performance measurements, as well as before/after measurements following network expansion and optimization measures.


Our measuring vehicles are used for environments such as company premises or cities. These measure the radio network quality on motorways, country roads, city streets and squares. Here, too, we offer you various and individual measurements, such as network optimization or coverage measurements.

In both cases, you will receive a meaningful, graphic evaluation of the measurement. Subsequently, the development of a coverage concept is also possible. You will find more information on this under “In-house coverage planning.”



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