Innovative solutions for the entire real estate cycle


The cornerstone for smart buildings

The connection and networking of buildings is crucial for all digitalisation projects today. Smart building projects cannot be implemented without a sufficient connection to the mobile network and comprehensive WLAN coverage. STF Swiss offers smooth planning for existing buildings as well as for new buildings.


Use Case Planning

Simulation of air conditioning, sound insulation, lighting, etc. in the digital twin as a planning step for optimisation

Reduction of planning costs through integrated planning of all trades in a three-dimensional BIM model

Increase in planning quality through collision checks during planning

Three-dimensional planning of the building from the beginning as a basis for the entire life cycle 

Environment simulation

Saving planning costs

Increase the quality of planning

3D documentation from start

Use Case Construction Phase

Construction preparation using BIM data 

Logistics of construction to trades and subcontractors 

Uniform, three-dimensional planning for all parties involved 

Ensuring optimal timing and maximum efficiency 

Changes during construction promptly to all trades 

Live update of

Planning costs

planning quality

in the Cloud

Use Case Commissioning

Documentation of the acceptance based on the digital model

Deposit of identified defects with geo-referenced images and videos

Deposit of created certificates in appropriate places

Linking the real world and the digital world, handing over the digital twin to the company




Use Case Operation and Maintenance

Spatial location of all documents and certificates

Digital pre-inspection (fire protection, occupational health and safety,...)

Live monitoring of all "building vital data

Dynamic control of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation etc. according to occupancy


Live monitoring
Energy costs

Extra charges

Building passport
in the cloud

Use Case Renovation

Simulation of all modernisation measures and their effects in the digital twin before construction begins

Cross-trade modernisation planning

Increase in planning quality through collision checks during modernisation

Digital measurement without site inspection

Digital furnishing planning / digital exposé

Building passport
in the cloud

Digital scale

Simulation measures

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