Airports, train stations and hospitals of the future.

The technologies used make them smarter. We connect individual systems (IoT) and, in the first phase, ensure reliable planning data and exact modelling, which are the basis for subsequent measures.

Swiss flight time with the inscription “Swiss” is written at the airport gate
Planning concepts and optimizations

The technologies and approaches for airports, train stations and hospitals

We provide an overview of the measures we are implementing for airports, train stations and hospitals. Of course, there is much more to it. Just talk to us. We find a solution for almost every challenge.

Digital twin

Recording and BIM modelling of the terrain.

The entire airport, train station or hospital is transferred into a digital model using a scan-to-BIM approach. All building data required for later expansion stages and improvements to the airport can now be modeled and used for current and later projects.

  • Building data modelling
  • Basis for optimization plans and expansion stages
  • Digital image as 3D modeling
To the digital twin
Mirroring the image of a building on the scanner screen
Screen showing the digital measurement of a building

Monitoring the 5G campus network.

Using the latest 3D technologies, the STF Group can create a comprehensive planning and optimization concept for WLAN and mobile network coverage.

  • Mobile network coverage and WiFi
  • Autonomous driving, smart technologies and in-house navigation
  • Intelligent, digital networking of all technologies
On telecommunications
Basis for IoT measures

Intelligent and digital networking of airport infrastructure.

To ensure efficient and digital processes at airports. Our aim is to support airport processes and infrastructure with new technologies. Different systems can communicate and connect with each other using digital approaches (IoT).

  • Airports, train stations and hospitals of the future
  • Development of intelligent and new technologies
  • More safety and more efficient processes
About engineering expertise
Radio tower that rises into the sky
At a glance

You benefit from this with STF

One partner for everything

The STF employs over 600 people in all specialist areas relating to digitization, surveying, engineering expertise and telecommunications.

Digitization and
engineer know-how

As one of the very few companies, we start where others stop. Digital models are not enough for us — our work only begins then.

Experience since
over 25 years

We have been working with large medium-sized companies and corporations across Europe for years. At any time with a view to a long-term partnership.

Numerous companies rely on the expertise of the STF Group

For over 25 years, we have worked for medium-sized companies, DAX companies and internationally active companies. Our customers rely on our expertise in building surveying, mobile radio planning and telecommunications.

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Concentrated innovative power for numerous areas of application.

Tablet in car shows measurement in the public sector teaser

Public sector

We use the latest technologies, measure and model. And that's when it really starts.

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Office and company campuses

Mobile planning and 5G expansion for a stable and reliable campus network.

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Construction industry

Today, modern technologies form the basis for real estate, building complexes or entire districts.