Digital twin — the start for all projects.

The digital twin is the start and the basis for all further projects. With the scan-to-BIM approach, we not only create the data, but we also record it digitally and create a virtual image of the entire building.

STF employee with scan-to-BIM device

Many old buildings do not yet have a digital twin. We have a smart solution.

Digital twins play an important role in modern building technology, as they make it possible to monitor, analyze and optimize buildings in real time. This applies both to new buildings and to existing buildings, which are subsequently digitized.


Survey and measurement of the building and its surroundings.

Rooms within a building are mapped using laser scanning and 360° photography. The outdoor areas and surroundings of the object are recorded three-dimensionally using drones and photogrammetry. The STF Group uses the latest technologies to develop the SCAN of a building. Progressively and with maximum efficiency, we guarantee precise results when converted into digital models.

  • State-of-the-art laser scanners and cameras
  • Extreme time savings due to fast scanning process
  • Seamless integration of generated point clouds into a BIM software platform
Recording a digital twin
Screen shows a digital twin

Accurate and digital transfer to a BIM model.

Construction experts, architects, engineers and construction professionals love that. Why? Because our BIM modelling of point clouds is a cutting-edge software solution that makes it possible to create precise 3D models of buildings and structures. This not only optimizes the workflow by enabling the digitization and integration of existing buildings, but also promotes joint collaboration. There is only one data source with all relevant building data. And because that's not enough, we're going one step further: Our solution is used in very different areas. Inventory management, renovation projects, historic preservation, construction monitoring and facility management.

  • Accurate and cutting-edge 3D model of the buildings
  • Promoting cooperation between different trades and employees
  • Digitalization and integration of existing buildings

Visualize the generated model.

Depending on the application, we offer our customers individual cloud-based solutions to visualize projects. On modern and user-friendly web interfaces, the project is created as a 3D view or virtual tour. Point clouds and photographic representations are linked to each other via the geo-coordinates of each pixel. Alternatively, data is presented in a geographical context on a 3D GIS platform. In this way, the 3D building is delivered with the 3D environment. This allows 3D building models to be shown, for example, with infrastructure data such as roads, railway lines, lines (electricity, fiber, water, gas, etc.) or measurement data (mobile telephone/WLAN supply).

  • Cloud-based visualization available from anywhere
  • All data and scans in one place
  • Complete overview of further construction measures
3D model of a building
At a glance

You benefit from this with STF

One partner for everything

The STF employs over 600 people in all specialist areas relating to digitization, surveying, engineering expertise and telecommunications.

Digitization and
engineer know-how

As one of the very few companies, we start where others stop. Digital models are not enough for us — our work only begins then.

Experience since
over 25 years

We have been working with large medium-sized companies and corporations across Europe for years. At any time with a view to a long-term partnership.

Numerous companies rely on the expertise of the STF Group

For over 25 years, we have worked for medium-sized companies, DAX companies and internationally active companies. Our customers rely on our expertise in building surveying, mobile radio planning and telecommunications.

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Our services

360-degree digitization and engineering service

Point cloud and line art of a real building Teaser


Everything is and must be interconnected. With our 360-degree telecommunications services, we make this possible.

Engineers are planning the Teaser project on a construction site

Engineering expertise

We use the latest technologies, measure and model. And that's when it really starts.