For the best communication in, around and with buildings.

Everything related to buildings must and is digitized. STF Swiss provides significant support in expanding the 5G campus network, preparatory measures for IoT, modern WLAN and mobile network coverage.

Point cloud and line art of a building
STF Swiss provides 360-degree telecommunications services

WLAN, network quality and speed are basic prerequisites for successful digitization and automation.

With a large team of diverse specialists in many areas of modern telecommunications, STF is a pioneer in the areas of: in-house supply, WLAN, mobile network optimization, 5G company campus, preparation for IoT measures and many more.

The best reception anytime, anywhere

Mobile communications and WLAN coverage.

For over 25 years, STF has been a leading provider of mobile network coverage and WLAN expansion for office buildings, company premises, department stores, airports and many more. Using the latest 3D technologies, mobile measurement is the basis for later mobile radio planning. All measurements are displayed and modelled in virtual images. The information from the survey is collected in one place and used to calculate in-house radio network planning.

  • High increase in the value of the property
  • Basis for optimization plans and expansion stages
  • Individual adaptation to complex construction conditions
Create a digital twin in a building
Screen with a building in 3D
All digital systems communicate with each other

Important basis for IoT measures.

The possibilities of using IoT are endless. STF Swiss is shedding light on this and giving them fundamental advice on the introduction of specific IoT measures. Thanks to cutting-edge calculations and technologies, we offer our customers cutting-edge network options for innovative and complex software solutions. We are happy to show which IoT applications can be useful and what requirements must be met so that the IoT trend can also be used.

  • Connecting different digital systems
  • Automated building control for maximum energy efficiency
  • Modern and highly secure networks
Highest energy efficiency

Automation for intelligent building control.

In smart buildings, the built-in digital systems communicate with each other. If it is too hot or too cold, the systems use sensitive sensors to detect the temperature and independently control the heating and ventilation systems. The same applies to lighting or covering up for solar radiation. The aim is a highly efficient and energy-efficient building that conserves resources and costs less.

  • Intelligent, automated and efficient control
  • Sensors for independent heating, cooling or ventilation
  • Resource-saving CO2 consumption
Screens showing the digital measurement of a building
At a glance

You benefit from this with STF

One partner for everything

The STF employs over 600 people in all specialist areas relating to digitization, surveying, engineering expertise and telecommunications.

Digitization and
engineer know-how

As one of the very few companies, we start where others stop. Digital models are not enough for us — our work only begins then.

Experience since
over 25 years

We have been working with large medium-sized companies and corporations across Europe for years. At any time with a view to a long-term partnership.

Numerous companies rely on the expertise of the STF Group

For over 25 years, we have worked for medium-sized companies, DAX companies and internationally active companies. Our customers rely on our expertise in building surveying, mobile radio planning and telecommunications.

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Our services

360-degree digitization and engineering service

Engineers are planning the Teaser project on a construction site

Engineering expertise

We use the latest technologies, measure and model. And that's when it really starts.

STF employee with scan-to-BIM device teaser

Digital twin

Using cutting-edge 3D technology, the digital twin is an entry point and the basis for all further projects.