Increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the Swiss real estate market through digital building twins

Digital twins
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Efficiency and the reduction of operating costs are at the heart of building management in Switzerland. Digital building twins offer an innovative solution to achieve these goals by building a bridge between theoretical potential and actual cost savings. This article highlights the role of digital twins in revolutionizing building management by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

A digital twin is a virtual model of a real building that reflects its physical properties and dynamics in real time. This technology makes it possible to analyse and simulate building behavior and properties in depth, resulting in optimised operational management.

Applications of digital twins for cost savings

Preventive maintenance and operational optimization:

Digital twins allow maintenance work to be planned in advance by closely monitoring the condition of building components. This leads to more efficient maintenance, an extension of the life of the systems and thus to significant cost savings.

Energy efficiency and sustainability:

By analyzing and monitoring energy consumption, digital twins help identify potential savings. Optimizing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems based on actual usage data can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Room and resource management:

The technology enables more efficient allocation and use of space, resulting in less vacancy and higher rental income. It provides insights into room utilization and supports flexible workplace management and intelligent room control.

Faster response times and decision making:

Real-time data analysis and visualization enable improved responsiveness and faster decision-making processes, which reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Long-term planning and value enhancement:

Digital twins are an indispensable tool not only for the efficient ongoing operation of real estate, but also for its strategic planning and modernization. Their application leads to a sustainable increase in the value of buildings over the entire life cycle, which goes far beyond the usual methods of building management. By precisely predicting life cycle costs and being able to virtually plan and test renovations or upgrades, the risk of bad investments is minimized and collisions are detected early in the planning phase. In addition, the continuous updating and analysis of data through digital twins allows buildings to be adapted to rapidly changing environmental standards and user requirements, which increases their marketability and long-term value.

The integration of digital twins into building management is a decisive step towards reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the Swiss real estate market. This technology enables precise monitoring and analysis of building conditions, optimizes operations and supports strategic planning, resulting in significant cost savings and long-term increases in property value and performance. The shift to digital twins from traditional management practices enables administrators to achieve their goals more effectively.

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