Increasing mobile network coverage in buildings with the help of digital building models

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In the current age of digital connectivity, interference-free mobile phone reception within buildings is much more than just a convenience — it is essential. In residential complexes as well as in commercial properties, the quality of mobile network coverage can make a significant contribution to increasing the value of real estate. As a result of STF Swiss AG's unique selling point, Switzerland is increasingly focusing on the use of digital twins to fine-tune mobile communications and as a tool for mobile network planning. This article highlights the use of digital twins to upgrade real estate by optimising mobile phone reception.

Digital twins as pillars of upgrading strategies

Digital twins, exact virtual images of real buildings, provide a comprehensive view of the building structures and existing infrastructures. By simulating and analyzing building characteristics and conditions, they provide a sound basis for planning and fine-tuning technical projects, including the optimization of mobile phone coverage.

Fine-tuning mobile network planning using digital twins

In Switzerland, ensuring seamless mobile phone reception in buildings is a challenge due to the complex construction methods. Elements such as thick walls, special building materials or sophisticated architecture can significantly impair the mobile radio signal. With the help of digital twins, these challenges can be precisely mapped and analyzed, which enables well-founded planning of improvement measures such as the ideal installation of repeaters or antennas.

Real estate upgrade through improved mobile phone coverage

Optimum mobile coverage significantly increases the satisfaction of residents and users and thus contributes to increasing the value of real estate. Especially in commercial use, for example in office complexes or shopping centers, an amplified mobile signal can significantly improve the attractiveness of a location. Digital twins and georeferenced measurement data make a decisive contribution here by creating a solid basis for decision-making for investing in mobile communications infrastructure and thus directly contributing to increasing value.

Future-oriented modernization and planning

The targeted use of digital twins in mobile network coverage planning not only allows existing buildings to be optimized, but also creates a reliable basis for the modernization and future-oriented expansion of real estate. By accurately simulating structural changes or expansions, effects on mobile network coverage can be calculated and taken into account in advance. This ensures long-term investment in the property's digital infrastructure and promotes its sustainable development.

The use of digital twins to improve mobile phone reception in real estate in Switzerland offers a progressive and effective solution that can significantly contribute to increasing value and modernization. Through the detailed presentation and analysis of structural features, digital twins enable targeted mobile planning that ensures optimal network coverage and performance. This advanced technology promises property owners and developers significant added value by sustainably increasing the sustainability and attractiveness of their properties.

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