The profitability of digital building models in the Swiss real estate sector: Scan-to-BIM as a tool for reducing costs

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In Switzerland's dynamic real estate sector, known for its precision and innovative strength, the value of digital building models is evident through the use of scan-to-BIM (Building Information Modeling). This technology is at the forefront of the digital revolution in construction by enabling significant efficiency gains and cost savings. This article looks at the economic benefits of digital twins in the Swiss architecture and construction industry, with a specific focus on the role of scan-to-BIM as a means of reducing costs.

A new chapter in architecture: digital building models and scan-to-BIM

A digital twin — in the context of Swiss architecture — is a virtual counterpart to a physical building that digitally captures the finesse of Swiss architecture. These models are particularly valuable for architects, engineers and builders who work with demanding local standards and norms. Scan-to-BIM, an advanced process based on laser scanning technology, is essential for creating accurate 3D models that are used when planning, executing and managing buildings in Switzerland.

Cost savings through Swiss precision and efficiency

The precision of scan-to-BIM is a direct answer to the need to ensure error-free and accurate planning in the Swiss construction industry. By accurately depicting the current situation, miscalculations and expensive subsequent corrections can be avoided. This reflects the Swiss tradition of efficiency and supports optimal use of resources, which leads to significant cost reductions.

Increasing profitability through improved coordination and communication

The use of digital models promotes close and effective collaboration within project teams, an essential aspect of Switzerland's structured work environment. Access to a uniform model reduces the risk of misunderstandings and information gaps and increases productivity by speeding up the construction process and optimizing communication between stakeholders.

Long-term benefits and commitment to sustainability in Switzerland

The long-term benefits of scan-to-BIM for facility management and maintenance of buildings should not be underestimated. Accurate documentation and the ability to continuously update the digital presentation are essential for preventive maintenance and for maintaining the high quality standards that characterize the Swiss real estate industry. Scan-to-BIM also supports sustainable construction, which is a core concern in environmentally conscious Swiss society.

The investment in scan-to-BIM and the development of digital building models is paying off for the Swiss real estate industry by not only increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs, but also improving the quality and sustainability of buildings. The profitability of digital building models, particularly through the use of scan-to-BIM, is a clear addition to the Swiss market and represents a turning point in the development and management of real estate.

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