Sustainable and innovative engineering competence.

Your digitalization partner in Switzerland.

Smart Engineering at its best

Combining engineering expertise in telecommunications and building technology with the drive to advance digitalization and automation allows us to provide 360-degree service to our customers. As a result, we can offer our customers both mobile radio measurement and planning, in-house coverage, and precise three-dimensional mapping of buildings and environments from a single source.


Competencies at a glance

Digital twin

STF Swiss offers three-dimensional representation of buildings and environments, which is created thanks to laser scan capture and 360° photography, as well as the processing and visualization of digital content. The digital twin accelerates and optimizes processes along the entire value chain – while involving all stakeholders.




Mobile radio measurement

We provide measurements and analyses of your current mobile radio coverage, conducted using cutting-edge technology. The results are evaluated and graphically represented.



In-house coverage planning

STF Swiss is your dependable partner in the planning and installation of in-house mobile communications systems. Our offer is aimed not only at network operators, but also at building owners and specialist planners. We use the mobile radio measurements carried out at your asset to plan tailor-made in-house coverage.




5G Campus Planning

5G campus networks have never been more cutting-edge and up-to-date as the combination of private and public networks is being revolutionised. We turn 5G campus networks into reality for various companies and organisations, including planning, installation, as well as implementation and go-live of 5G campus networks.





loT Planning

More high-performance devices often call into question one’s own security as well as predictability. With ever more connections and variability, networks are getting more and more complex. Our customers’ networks, in contrast, are made and equipped to respond to exactly this. Thanks to the latest computing and technology, we offer our customers cutting-edge network options for innovative and complex software solutions.




Cases from the STF Gruppe

STF Swiss benefits from the experience of the STF Group in Germany with its numerous customer projects. In this way, STF Swiss can generate individual solutions that guarantee maximum efficiency and sustainability.